Glory Pack factory meets 100K Class clarification plant which is have advanced semi-auto production equipment and a full set of inspection instruments.

At the same time, our company has established perfect quality control system, together with professional technicians and mature product technology.

Both the hardware and software conditions guarantee that perfect case solutions can be provided.

semi-auto production lines were built to perform 24 hours manufacturing speed with an annual capacity of over 3000 Metro Tons aluminum foil, together with 25000 tons PVC PVDC products per year

Our main products lines include pharmaceutical aluminum foil series goods, pvc series products and composited plastic film series products. In details, there are pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foils, cold forming aluminum foils, pharmaceutical PVC hard films, PVC/PVDC compound hard films, paper/plastic compound, paper/aluminum/plastic compound films, and more than 10 kinds of goods in three series.

Our Success strengths
partnership values and shed light on
our products’ advantages
and participate in its extension in all
Egypt. We are available in all corners
of our valued nation Egypt and at
your service always to provide
efficient national services with
international standards of
. performance

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Create Work Environment
that promote our aspirations,we work
side by side with dedication and
loyalty to provide special service and
performance continuous

Belongness, Integrity, Trust,
Responsibility,competency, self
development innovation, initiation

First- rate products
Measuring all KPIs throughout the whole process to secure lasting
high quality.

Rapid Production
Tight management & control of productions to reach a rapid one high
standard for all products and for big quantities

All Solutions in one space
Solutions including packaging materials and foil printing services.

Incomparable Price
Average price lower than market price.
No Minimum Quantity
Believing in the significance of supporting your business to grow, there
is no minimum order quantity.
Best Refund Policies
We offer clients 100% refund if the products are unqualified.

Although we are not the only ones in this field of packing and packaging pharmaceutical products from recently, we have achieved great success in the Egyptian market, and most companies have come to know us well in a short time, and this indicates progress and prosperity.

Why us? image
• COLD FORM BLISTER (CFB) – commonly
known as ALU-ALU.
• AL. BLISTER (20μ / 25μ) – commonly known as
     Lidding foil with 6gsm – 8gsm HSL coating.
•     3 layers (90μ - 140μ) – 12μ PE + 7μ AL (71-121 μ) Pet

• 4 layers (41 μ paper/ 17 μ1st pe /9 μ AL/35 μ2nd pe)

• P V C (250-300 μ)

•    P V D/P V D C (250/40-60-90 μ)